PP Inateq Jalankan Misi Pelestarian Lingkungan

Jakarta, Beritasatu.com  – The establishment of the teqball sport in Indonesia must follow the rules of the International Teqball Federation (Fiteq), which requires each member to carry out an environmental conservation program.

After developing the sport of teqball in various regions, now Indonesia Teqball (Inateq) led by Hellen Sarita Delima, which was officially established in March 2019, has started to carry out the noble duties listed in the Articles of Association and Bylaws (Inateq).

At Kampoeng Pepohon 99, which is located on Jalan Muhasan II Cinere Limo Depok, West Java, Saturday (6/2/2021), the former Acting Secretary General of the Indonesian Olympic Committee (KOI) led the committee to plant several types of trees in protecting the environment. Starting from teak, durian, jackfruit, and others.

“PP Inateq is very pleased to be able to carry out the AD / ART orders in preserving the environment by planting trees such as those in the AD / ART Inatec and Fiteq. This is a CSR program that has been discussed with the Director of Asian Teqball Sports Development, Lilla Hovart in a new limited meeting. then, “said Hellen after planting teak and durian trees.

“Hopefully this noble task of preserving the environment can be followed by Pengprov Inateq in various regions. This noble virus must be transmitted for the sake of future generations,” he added.

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